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1 "A merchant and ship owner," and later considered "one of the best farmers of New England." He was for many years a member of the State Legislature and was a Presidential Elector. DeWolf, Hon. John (I241)
2 "Mrs. Brownell was a woman of marked literary tastes and accomplishments, wrote verses of much merit, and as an artist in India-ink had few superiors." DeWolf, Lucia (I100383538203)
3 "Sailed for Hispaniola Oct. 25, 1779 and the following Dec. sailed for home, but was never more heard from." - Record Family Bible

Brother Mark Antony was with him. 
DeWolf, Mark Anthony (I234)
4 A distinguished scholar in English, Latin, Greek and Hebrew, also in Ethics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Astronomy; author of many poems popular in their day. He was Professor of Chemistry in Brown University from 1817 till about 1837. DeWolf, Prof. John (I100383538239)
5 A highly esteemed physician and prominent citizen of Vail, IA. He was teh first Mayor of Clarence, IA, later Mayor of Vail, Justice of the Peace, Postmaster and Member of Illinois Legislature. DeWolf, Dr. James (I100383538292)
6 A highly honored physician of Providence, RI. His wife was of the old Winthrop family of Boston. DeWolf, Dr. John James (I100383538430)
7 A lawyer of Chicago. DeWolf, Lyman Edwin (I100383538301)
8 A lawyer of Greefield, Mass., an M.A. of Trinity College, author of Town Meeting, a book of municipal law, etc. Moved to Marion Ind. in 1890. DeWolf, Austin (I100383538042)
9 A resident of East Hartford, Connecticut from 1824 to 1860, New York City from 1860 to 1865, and Bristol, Rhode Island from 1878 until his death in 1909, Charles Brownell was born in Providence, Rhode Island. He became known for his landscape and still life paintings, especially a work titled "Connecticut Charter Oak."

In 1853, he gave up a law career to devote himself to landscape painting, and studied in Hartford with Julius Bush and Joseph Ropes and exhibited at the National Academy of Design. He also spent seven consecutive winters painting tropical scenery in Cuba and six years in Europe.
Brownell, Charles DeWolf (I100383538340)
10 A very accomplished and saintly woman. DeWolf, Charlotte (I100383538250)
11 A wealthy miller and millwright at Hackettstown, N.J. Crane, Ross (I609)
12 A well-known author of popular war lyrics. Brownell, Henry Howard A.M., U.S.N. (I100383538339)
13 Annie, Charlotte, Mary and Maria all died a tragic death by an explosion on a Sound steamer "Bay State" from Fall River to New York on September 8, 1853. There's an article about it in the New York Times on September 9, 1853. Family: William Frederick DeWolf / Margaret Padelford Arnold (F757)
14 Author of "Charles D'Wolf of Guadaloupe", the source for most of the genealogical information here of the descendents of Balthasar DeWolf. Perry, Rev. Calbraith Bourn D.D. (I100383539036)
15 Blown up on the Raven in the Mississippi. DeWolf, John Calvin (I100383538683)
16 Built and endowed the "Rogers Free Library" in Bristol, RI. DeWolf, Maria (I100383538251)
17 Changed middle name (legally) from Caroline to California DeWolf, Alta California (I539)
18 Chaplain in the Union Army, wounded in the battle of the Wilderness but continued to attend to the dying and wounded, he himself finally dying of fatigue and his wound. His wife was daughter of William Pearse of Bristol, R. I. DeWolf, Rev. Erastus (I100383538276)
19 Charles Capp DeWolf was a civil engineer from the first graduating class of engineering - then called the School of Mechanics or something like that. He was a classmate of Gordon Sproul- later president of the University of California. I believe UC Berkeley was the only UC campus at the time. In early marriage he worked on mining projects and they spent their honeymoon in a tent. Later he worked on FDRoosevelt inspired New Deal constructions. I think dams.
He was a civil servant and the secretary to the City Manager. He may have been the Asst. City Manger, and he was best known for cleaning up the Civil Service system which at the time of his hire was an old boy network with no entrance criteria but knowing the right person. Grandpa DeWolf created the first Civil Service Exam, according to my father- which may not be accurate. He was well respected for his integrity. Of course he was an Eagle Scout, a tradition in the family and a Boy Scout leader. He was a Mason and active in that organization. He was Presbyterian and Grandma DeWolf was raised Catholic or her mother was. Grandpa DeWolf was know to make negative comments about Catholics and ethnic groups as well. He died of a heart attack.
DeWolf, Charles Capp (I77)
20 Chief of Commissary on the staff of Gen. U. S. Grant, which office he "held with distinguished honesty and ability" DeWolf, David Osborn (I100383537988)
21 DeWolf Realty Company, Inc. (4330 California Street in San Francisco, CA) was established in 1879 by William Morrison DeWolf. During the first 70 years, Mr. DeWolf, and his son, William Waldo DeWolf, managed, developed and sold properties throughout San Francisco and Northern California.
After World War II, Mr. Oliver A. Talmage joined Mr. DeWolf and soon became a partner and, eventually, sole owner of DeWolf Realty Company, Inc.  
DeWolf, William Morrison (I168)
22 Drowned in steamer collision at Racine, O. DeWolf, Marcellus (I100383538699)
23 Drowned in the Mississippi River near the mouth of Rock River. DeWolf, Charles (I100383538293)
24 E.E. and M.E. Ohio State University DeWolf, Roger Dennison (I100383538078)
25 Emigrated to California in 1849 Sanor, Michael (I100383539235)
26 Emigrated to Nova Scotia DeWolf, Jehiel (I100383537876)
27 Ephraim and Manassah were twins DeWolf, Ephraim (I100383537886)
28 First Bishop of Central Pennsylvania, a distinguished Divine, scholar and poet. Howe, Rt. Rev. Mark Anthony DeWolf D.D. (I100383538387)
29 From New International Encyclopedia - "was an American poet and historian, born in Providence, R. I., February 6, 1820. He graduated from Trinity College, Hartford, in 1841, studied law, and was admitted to the bar, but settled as a teacher in Hartford. He published in 1847 a volume of Poems and in 1851 the People's Book of Ancient and Modern History, and followed this in 1863 with The Discoverers, Pioneers, and Settlers of North and South America. But Brownell first attracted general attention by poems written during the Civil War. The earliest of these was a stirring version of the "General Orders" given by Admiral Farragut at the attack on the defenses of New Orleans. This led to his becoming attached to Admiral Farragut as private secretary. He was present at the naval battle in Mobile Bay, and after the war accompanied the Admiral on his European cruise. His best poems, "The River Fight" and "The Bay Fight" deal with the naval actions at New Orleans and Mobile. He collected his war poems in Lyrics of a day; or, Newspaper Poetry by a Volunteer in the United States Service (1864). A selection of his Poems, revised by himself, appeared in 1866. His was amongst the most popular battle-poetry produced in the North during the Civil War; but his work is unfinished, uneven, often undignified, and sometimes grotesque. At its best, however, it sounds the lyric cry of a great national emotion. There is an appreciative essay on Brownell, by O. W. Holmes, entitled "Our Battle Laureate." Brownell, Henry Howard A.M., U.S.N. (I100383538339)
30 Graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Tech., 1890, became a Mechanical Engineer in Boston. DeWolf, John Oviatt (I100383538070)
31 He had served in the Merchant Marines prior to 1939 when he married Elizabeth Rix.

He left for Oakridge in Nov 42, where he helped build what he found out later to be the A-Bomb. Six months later my mother, brother and I joined him in Oakridge for 2 1/2 years. My father knew Robert Oppenheimer, had been in his home on base and had dinner with him, even though my father was not a high level scientist, but a draftsman/ machinists at the time and had yet to graduate from UC Berkeley, which he did in 1949. The first test of the A Bomb was in New Mexico, July 16, 1945. It is most likely that my dad was there. I do know that Dad was there for the first H bomb blast near Enewetak Oct. 31, 1952. I remember him leaving for the trip and Grandma DeWolf babysitting for Roger and me.

I was in 3rd grade at the time and we were living in Grandma's home in Oakland on Virmar Avenue. She had not been living there for a few years. I think she was in Texas with Coe after Grandpa died a few months before we returned from Oakridge- when I was about 3 1/2. This was the home which was the background for the movie clip you shared.
DeWolf, Charles Franklin (I79)
32 He represented Bristol in the State Legislature and held many offices of trust. Perry, James DeWolf (I100383538462)
33 He served in King George's War, 1774, under command of his brother-in-law Capt. Simeon Potter on privateer Prince Charles of Lorraine. DeWolf, Mark Anthony (I231)
34 He served in old French War. Lucy (his wife) and Eunice Calkins were daughters of Stephen Calkins, the great-grandson of Dea. Hugh Calkins, of Chepstow, England; b. 1600 (one of the "Welsh Company" who came to America in 1640); and of his wife, Sarah Calkins, also a great-granddaughter of Dea. Hugh Calkins; and through her mother, Sarah Turner, a direct descendant of Elder William Brewster, of the Mayflower. DeWolf, Simon (I178)
35 He was a hatter by trade, living in Brooklyn, Conn.; later moved to Mehoopany, Wyoming Co., Penn., where he died in 1814. Most of his sons married in Mehoopany, and many of his descendants lived in that and neighboring towns. DeWolf, Charles (I100383538101)
36 He was a proprietor of various prominent hotels at Winchester, N.H., Walpole, N.Y., Bellows Falls, Vt., "old Norton House, Westminster, N.H.," Capitol Hotel, Madison, Wis., Cedar Rapids, Ia., and Fitchburg, Mass.; in 1879, moved to Blue Earth, Minn. DeWolf, Elisha (I100383537977)
37 His birth place not known; a young member of a Silesian royal house disappeared tat that time and thought to be maybe him. Would have been member of an aristocratic family prominent in Germany, Holland, east. He wrote English with a good hand and gave all his children English names. His name is Dutch, not unheard of in Germany.


Have from one source b 1623 in England.

Balthasar DeWolf lst recorded in Hartford, CT 3/5/1656. He is mentioned in Wethersfield,CT in 1664, and in Lyme,CT records in 1668, was living in 1695.

His origins are uncertain, many have been suspected. He is thought to possibly be of an ancient and quite widespread European aristocratic family. Specific theories include Livonia, England, France, and Germany. He wrote with an English style and hand and gave all of his children English names, though that wasn't unusual in emigrants to New England of non-English stock. His name is Dutch or possibly German. During the Protestant Reformation, many people from HOlland ended up in both Germany and England, and people from France scattered in every direction, often through Belgium and Holland to Germany. People from England were likely to end up in HOlland and eventually Germany, until the emigration to New England was well underway; only people with real resources could get to New England. Perry argues that Balthasar is the reputed son of a Litvonian aristocrat who went to America; I've not found said son's name cited anywhere. Odd detail to leave out.

There is a view forming that I'm just beginning to learn the details that Balthazar was born in Germany to Joseph DeWolf, b est 1557-1604, d est 1598-1681 or 14, son of Joseph Henry DeWolf. This is theory of Esther clark McDermott at GenForum, she cites Carol McGinnis, Dolphs and DeWolph (1990's), Family Tree Maker, and a researcher named Sallyann Joiner who doesn't answer mail! A Baron DeWolf was chosen 1517 tcommissioner of the House of Saxe to settle boundaries of various principalities of the Imperial Diet, an ability Balthasar and two of his sons including Edward apparently inherited. Joseph DeWolf became Admiral in the Dutch Service and then Governer of the Dutch East Indies. (Supporting this claim would be evidence he had a son named Balthasar b abt 1620, who cannot be otherwise accounted for.) The way Esther has it worded, it sounds as if he went to England and served in Parliament? and had a son Sir Drmmond DeWolf member of Parliament, and Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Pleipotenentiary to Turkey, and High Commissioner to Egypt (seems like this had to have happened several generations later?) Joseph Henry DeWolf was son of Maximilian DeWolf. b est 1557-1600 d est 1598- (dates from FTM) married est 1581-1638. He son of Frederick DeWolf. Maximilian Baron of the Holy Roman Empire, had lands conferred upon him by Emperor Charles the fifth and took up residence in Belgium in 1535. His oldest son was Baron Charles de Wolf. Frederick DeWolf was the son of Emile DeLoup. b est 1409-1486 d est 1445-1561. He was the son of Louis De Saint Etienne. Grandson of Louis de Saint Etienne had the title of Baron conferred upon him in 1427 by the Duke of Saxony, changed his name from French to German "DeWolf". His chldren were Frederick and Francis. World Family Tree, Louis de Saint Etienne saved the life of Charles V of France while hunting from an attacking she-wolf, and he was knighted Sir Louis de Loup (Wolf) WFT CD #6 has this pedigree. Etienne is French for Stephen, and an old city in south-central part of France. Perry has the first part of this, not the part about the sonof the governor of the Dutch East Indies.

Wherever they came from, The DeWolfs kept a love of adventure and of the sea, and were inveterately independent and stubborn. "The first mention of [Balthasar's] name is found in the Hartford court records in 1656. He was in Wethersfield, CT (Esther thinks visiting) and was arrested for smoking on the street. The court fined him...and as tradition has it...he paid his fine, lit his pipe, and went out!" He owned a good deal of land in Lyme and Saybrook, and an entire island. He served in the militia. Researchers point out that whoever he was, he was in a position to marry his children to the wealthiest and most prominent of his neighbors. Owned Calves Island in Conn R at Old Lyme (Esther) Lived in Wethersfield CT in 1664, moved to Lyme 1668, member of town train band 1678 withe sons Edward, Simon, and Stephen Elected town committeeman. Balthasar married Alice ___. Possibly Peck, dau Wm. 
DeWolf, Balthasar (I184)
38 Household:

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
B. F. DEWOLF Self M Male W 70 CAN Tin Smith MA MA
Barbra DEWOLF Wife M Female W 70 MA Keeps House MA MA
Mary F. DEWOLF Dau S Female W 27 NY At Home CAN MA

Source Information:
Census Place 2nd Ward, Ottawa, Franklin, Kansas
Family History Library Film 1254381
NA Film Number T9-0381
Page Number 107A
White, Barbara (I172)
39 Mayor of Alton, Ill., 1837 (time of Anti-slavery agitation); Mayor of St. Louis, 1848; Judge of Circuit Court Krum, Judge John Marshall (I100383538058)
40 Member of N. Y. State Capitol Commission and N. Y. State Dem. Committee DeWolf, Hon. Delos (I100383537956)
41 Moved West via ox team in 1849 looking for gold. He turned to farming with more success, developing a claim of 240 acres fronting Stevens Creek Road. Finally in 1887 he sold this farm for the then "enormous" sum of $250.00 an acre and retired to San Jose.
Sanor, Michael (I100383539225)
42 Mr. DeWolf was a high school mathematics instructor for 31 years in the Modesto City Schools; at Downey High School from 1955-61, and Davis High School from 1961-86.

Mr. DeWolf was the first president of the Stanislaus Math Council, active in the Modesto Teachers Association (serving as representative to the Bay Area Council), and a member of the Sylvan Club, HTWS, and ECV.

He was Scoutmaster for Troop 76 (the BEST troop) from 1966 to 2003, guiding over 80 boys to the rank of Eagle Scout. In 1966, Dick founded the troop's high sierra wilderness camp at Lake Utica, now in its 43rd year. In 1984, he was awarded the Silver Beaver, the BSA's highest honor for distinguished volunteer service.

His special interests included camping, backpacking, and mountaineering in the High Sierra, mountain biking, sailing, and NBA basketball. Dick was a master of the ukulele and campfire songs, and loved telling jokes. He once performed at the Hollywood Bowl, wife Hallie the only spectator in attendance.

Richard John DeWolf was born October 17, 1927 in Oakland, California. He attended the University of California at Berkeley, San Francisco State University, and Reed College in Portland, Oregon, where he earned his Masters Degree in Mathematics.

He married Haldon "Hallie'' Fowler on December 23, 1950 in St. Louis, Missouri while on leave from his service in the U.S. Army at Fort Leonard Wood. He was preceded in death by his daughter Janet Hill, is survived by wife Hallie, sons Robert (wife Sharon), Don (wife Suzy), son-in-law David Hill, and grandchildren Brian DeWolf, Joe DeWolf, and Jennifer Hill.  
DeWolf, Richard John (I80)
43 Mr. Diman was a cooper by trade, later kept a grocery store; also followed the seas and at the time of his death was extensively engaged in navigation and commerce. Diman, Royal (I100383538214)
44 President of Charleston College for twenty-five years; member of South Carolina Legislature; President of Bible Society and Art Association, and filled many other positions of public trust. Middleton, Prof. Nathaniel Russell (I100383539013)
45 Probably died in childbirth - record shows a child born and died in 1803. DeWolf, Abby (I100383538199)
46 Problem at school? Talk to Mr. DeWolf.

Problem with the parents? Talk to Mr. DeWolf.

Don't know where to turn? Talk to Mr. DeWolf.

Longtime Modesto math teacher and Boy Scout leader Richard DeWolf was the go-to guy for generations of students who needed help -- with just about anything.

"Kids would come to him with a struggle with a teacher, a class or a problem with mom and dad," said longtime friend Bob Sesser. "Dick would say, 'Let's sit down and solve this.' He'd be there for an hour or more talking with them."

DeWolf died Wednesday. He was 80.

He was born in Oakland, and discovered the Boy Scouts when he joined Troop 6 in Berkeley as a youngster. He would have earned the Eagle rank, his wife Hallie said, if he hadn't been stricken with polio. He was shy three badges -- bird-watching, swimming and lifesaving -- of the 21 required.

While attending college at the University of California at Berkeley -- where he met his wife -- he remarked to his Scoutmaster that he didn't know what he wanted to do for a career. The Scoutmaster told him he was a natural with the younger Scouts.

Teaching seemed like a good fit. DeWolf attended San Francisco State University and Reed College in Portland, Ore., where he earned a master's in mathematics.

He taught math at Downey High in Modesto for six years, then moved to Davis High, where he remained a math teacher for 25 years. On the wall of his classroom, he had two pictures: one of Albert Einstein and one of himself.

Ever the math teacher, he planned everything -- even his humor.

"He'd write in his jokes in his lesson plans," his wife said.

DeWolf remained passionate about Scouting, and took over as assistant Scoutmaster, then Scoutmaster, of Modesto's Troop 76, the troop his sons Robert and Don belonged to. He founded the troop's High Sierra wilderness camp at Lake Utica, doing everything from securing Forest Service permits to digging latrines.

He continued as Scoutmaster long after his boys left the troop, and in 1984 was awarded the Silver Beaver, the Scouts' highest honor for volunteer service.

More than 80 boys -- including Don and Robert DeWolf -- received Eagles under his guidance.

"He was the master of working with kids," said Sesser, the troop's assistant Scoutmaster.

DeWolf was a passionate outdoorsman, and counted camping, backpacking and sailing among his hobbies. He played the ukulele, and heartily enjoyed campfire songs.

At school, he was the teacher you go to with just about anything.

"He was very caring, very compassionate," said Louise Alberti, a longtime Davis teacher. "The kids knew that they could go and talk to him."

Another thing DeWolf was known for, at least among his fellow teachers: asking pointed questions to school administrators at faculty meetings.

"He loved to teach," his wife said, "and counsel boys who were having a hard time. He had a knack for helping boys develop into men."

DeWolf is survived by his wife, Hallie; sons Robert and Don; and grandchildren Brian DeWolf, Joe DeWolf and Jennifer Hill. He was preceded in death by his daughter, Janet Hill.

A celebration of life for former teacher and Scoutmaster Richard DeWolf will be held at 4 p.m. July 19 at the Sylvan Club, 2545 Sylvan Ave., Modesto. Donations may be sent to The Wilderness Society, Amnesty International or a charity your of choice.
DeWolf, Richard John (I80)
47 Professor of West Reserve University State Com. of Education of Ohio, etc. Author of several works on educational, religious, and other topics. Major in Civil War. DeWolf, Colonel Professor Daniel Fowler A.M., Ph.D. (I100383537995)
48 Said to be of the family of Gen. Walbridge. Walbridge, Elizabeth (I100383538108)
49 Secretary and campaign manager to governor and senator Hiram Johnson, state insurance commissioner. McCabe, Alexander (I100383537429)
50 Served in the revolutionary war. Ellis, Philip (I499)

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